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Kennedy V. Johnson and the Taborian Hospital, Mound Bayou

Recipient of 2014 Heritage Awards for Distinguished Service & Restoration

The Taborian Hospital was constructed in 1942 to provide access to medical treatment for African-Americans in the town of Mound Bayou and surrounding areas.  The Knights and Daughters of Tabor funded the project, raising $100,000 for the construction, the equivalent of what today would be $1,503,541.00. In 1983, however, the hospital was forced to close its doors and sat vacant and unused for thirty years.  In 2003, former Mayor Kennedy Johnson and the Mound Bayou Board of Alderman began a community revitalization effort with the restoration of the Taborian Hospital as its centerpiece.  Enlisting the aid of Congressman Bennie Thompson, who helped secure funding from the United State Department of Agriculture, the Knights and Daughter of Tabor worked with architects Canizaro Cawthon Davis and contractor David Carroll to complete the $2.9 million dollar project.  The newly restored Taborian Urgent Care Center was dedicated to thunderous applause on April 6, 2014, starting a new chapter in the rich history of Mound Bayou.