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Burrus House, Benoit

Recipient of a 2014 Heritage Award for Restoration

Constructed in 1858 amongst a grove of Holly trees for Judge J.C. Burrus and his wife, the Burrus House is one of the few remaining antebellum homes in the Delta.  During the Civil War, the house became a makeshift hospital where the Burrus family cared for hundreds of Confederate and Union soldiers.  A dilapidated Burrus House had a starring role in director Elia Kazan’s film Baby Doll, which caused quite a scandal when it was released in 1955.  By 2005, the house was gradually being demolished by the forces of nature.  The late Dr. E.H. Winn, Jr. could not bear to see the grand old house lost “on his watch”, and in 2005 formed the Burrus Foundation to oversee and fund the restoration.  Under the guidance of Mills and Mills Architects, a number of craftsmen, including Mark Garmillion, Robertson Flooring, Upton Plasterers, Richard Woods and Bobby Faulkner, helped to complete the $1 million dollar restoration of this storied place.  The Burrus House is now available to the public for private events and community functions such as the Literary/Culinary Mash Up.  Visit for information on renting or visiting the Burrus House.